Tharaka Green Gold (TGG) is a networking and marketing group established in 2009 and registered as a legal entity in the year 2013. It is located in the Marimanti division, Tharaka district in Tharaka Nithi County.

The group brings together both individuals and groups for pulling resources together to create a stronger force to venture into the value chain and self-development through networking with guest members/groups. Through networking linkages, TGG makes it easy for groups and individuals to get marketing channels for value-added products and talents.

The group structure is composed of individual members who are fully registered.  It also included groups who have also registered as members to network and market a particular item agreed upon by the TGG group. TGG is only concerned with the main objective for which the group has networked and does not participate in the management issues of the group unless where necessary. We also have a category of members called guest members.  These are individuals or groups not from within the region but who feel they would wish to be identified with TGG and in one way or the other would like to participate in their activities. This category of membership is normally not considered active but they are considered useful as far as networking is concerned. They too are free to contribute and own a share and even save with the group but since they may be located far from the operation area, the availability is considered limited except on very important occasions and AGMs.

Youth Mentorship

Intervention points by Tharaka Green Gold will be to mentor the youth into being responsible young adults and community leaders. This will be effected through open talent days and youth mentorship seminars and workshops for further training. This will be conducted in partnership with the local government, community leaders, and NGOs.

Capacity Enhancement

We are committed to providing avenues and positively changing the social economic status for the youth and the elderly in the community by providing training to enhance their skills and providing avenues to get value for their skills. This is later enhanced by mentorship programs conducted and marketing of goods and services from the members.

Value Addition

Partnership with different entities like IAS and the local government has enabled us to greatly add value to members’ items and market their products locally and internationally. This, in turn, provides a steady source of income in a rather marginalized region where other sources of income are greatly undermined by the current prevailing social, economic, political, and environmental conditions