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The Tharaka Culture

Culture. Aspects of human life of a particular group include religion, language, intellectual interest, food, activities among many other aspects.

NTV Kenya recently paid a visit to Tharaka Green Gold headquarters. Their main aim, to highlight the culture that is Tharaka. Tharaka is a sub-tribe of the Meru community, with a uniquely evolved culture, like all other Meru sub-tribes.

Like many other cultures in Kenya and around Africa, this integral culture is at risk of being completely eroded and subsequently forgotten. Tharaka Green Gold as a group, is at the forefront of protecting this culture and its way of life that have been there for centuries.

Various activities have been undertaken to ensure the survival of this delicate culture. This includes the Annual Tharaka Cultural Festival that pulls together different communities within the Tharaka Nithi region and beyond to showcase their cultural ways in a 3 Day Cultural Extravaganza.

As Tharaka Green Gold, we have identified that culture, cultural heritage, and the surrounding lands that the people of Tharaka have settled on, can be a big part of their earnings for generations to come. This therefore warrants protection and education on how to exploit this resources while still conserving them.